The Importance Of Direct Primary Care

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Direct primary care is an innovative new payment model that provides access to quality healthcare, no matter what your insurance status is. One of the defining elements of direct primary care is the unprecedented access patients have to their physician. Additionally, direct primary care providers are free from the administrative obligations and overhead costs to insurance providers. Find out more about direct primary care providers like Vitalis-Health and see how they can benefit you.


More Time With Your Doctor

Typically, doctors are bogged down with a lot more than just seeing patients. On average, a patient spends about ten minutes with their conventional care doctor. A direct primary care provider like Vitalis-Health doesn't work with insurance companies. Without the obligations of having to adhere to these stringent administrative burdens, your doctor has more free time to spend with you, the patient, giving you an average of 30-60 minutes of time with your physician.


Better Scheduling

Unlike conventional care, Vitalis-Health and other direct primary care providers can provide quality healthcare due to better scheduling. A traditional healthcare provider will see between 25-30 patients a day, increasing wait times and limiting the doctors’ time with their patients. With direct primary care, your doctor typically sees less than ten patients a day, ensuring you are with your doctor at your scheduled time for as long as you need. Furthermore, patients have special access to their doctors via text, email, and phone, eliminating the need for unnecessary visits.


Less Paperwork

As a direct primary care provider, Vitalis-Health works together with patients to lower healthcare costs and eliminate the need for insurance companies. Not having to file insurance claims after every appointment frees up your time and your doctor's time and saves a few trees in the process.


Low Monthly Fee

Vitalis-Health will come to a financial agreement with you to provide quality healthcare and extraordinary access to your doctor. Your low monthly fee will include annual wellness exams, physicals, preventative care, chronic disease treatment, and so much more. Additionally, you will receive highly discounted rates on prescriptions, imaging, and labs.

With all these benefits, it’s hard to justify a conventional healthcare system that prioritizes insurance companies over patient care. These modern times call for a modernized healthcare system that ensures quality service, lower costs, and less time spent trying to get a diagnosis. Book an appointment with Vitalis-Health in Holland, Michigan, to discuss your direct primary care options today.

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