Four Tips for Staying Healthy and Strong Through Winter

What You Need To Know

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As Michigan winters descend upon us, the biting cold, shorter days, and endless germs can wear down even the strongest immune system. At Vitalis Health, we understand the challenges of the season and offer a range of wellness solutions to help you fortify your body and thrive, no matter the weather. Read on for some tips on keeping your immune system in top form during the long winter months.

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Feed Your Body Well

At Vitalis Health, we emphasize the power of nutrition to boost the immune system. Fill your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy nuts and seeds, and grass-fed, free-range meats that provide essential nutrients and proteins to keep your body strong.

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Move and Groove

Physical activity is key to keeping your immune system healthy and active. Aim for at least 25 minutes of exercise, five days a week. And, if you're feeling under the weather, take it easy and let your body rest.

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Get Outside and Soak Up the Sun

The power of sunlight cannot be overstated — it provides energy that our bodies need for optimal function. Even in the cold and snowy Michigan winter, try to get outside and enjoy the sun when it's shining.

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Supplement Your Immune System

At Vitalis Health, we recommend immune-boosting supplements such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Quercetin, and Vitamin D with Vitamin K. To determine the appropriate dosage for your specific needs, we encourage you to consult with our experienced practitioner, Dr. Bentley.

While oral supplements can be beneficial, they're only absorbed at about 20% efficiency. At Vitalis Health, we offer IV therapy, which has a 100% absorption rate, providing your body with much-needed vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for optimal immune function and a powerful infusion of wellness.

At Vitalis Health, we're passionate about helping you stay healthy and strong, no matter the season. With our direct primary care approach, we focus on personalized wellness solutions to support your unique needs. Our med spa services offer a range of treatments to support your immune system, from IV hydration therapy to immune-boosting vitamin shots, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the power of our integrative approach to health and wellness.

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