Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

IV treatments are used to do everything from boost energy to relieve headaches and boost energy. You may have heard of IV clinics from celebrities, but they’re not just a luxury for the rich — they’re a type of wellness therapy that anyone can take advantage of! Here at Vitalis Health, we’re proud to offer IV therapy services to everyone in our Holland community and the greater Midwest.

Headache & Migraines

Migraines can be debilitating. If you suffer from them, you know how they can interrupt your day with pain, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and more. Many headaches are caused by dehydration and inflammation, and an IV drip with saline and anti-inflammatory vitamins can help you find fast relief.

Here at Vitalis Health, we have a specialized mix of vitamins and nutrients specially designed to help alleviate migraines and other headaches. These infusions help to quickly resolve nausea, dehydration, dizziness and more. They include magnesium and vitamin B. You can also add on Zofran or Toradol as well. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


Athletic Remedies

If you’re an athlete looking to give yourself a competitive edge, IV therapy can help. Hydration is a vital part of performance, and IV therapy can give you a quick recovery boost after a match or as a regular part of your training. Benefits of IV therapy for athletes include:

  • Replenish electrolytes and lost fluids

  • Promotes efficient energy consumption

  • Supports muscle repair

  • Reduces inflammation and soreness

  • Improves endurance

Immune System Boost

It’s vital to have a strong, healthy immune system to prevent spending days on the couch recovering from a flu or cold. If you’re fighting a bug, you can stop by our IV therapy clinic for a single appointment to give your immune system a boost to overcome your illness. Boosting your immune system is also important for those suffering from a chronic illness who need a boost or enhanced energy.

Here at Vitalis Health in Holland, we use the famous Myer’s Cocktail — named after the late John Myers, M.D. — to help clients with asthma, fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute sinusitis, and more. This IV therapy consists of Selenium, vitamin B1, Zinc, Glutathione, B complex, and L-Glutamine.

Other Benefits

IV therapy is also a great way to keep up with your general health. Along with keeping you hydrated, IV therapy can help give you a clear, glowing complexion. The specialized combination of vitamins and antioxidants in our IV therapy removes toxins from your body, giving you a youthful glow. The saline solution flushes out impurities, gives you a glutathione push, and removes free radicals. Contact us today in Holland to learn more.

Vitalis Health IV Therapy

Our Holland health and wellness clinic is proud to serve our local community and the larger midwest region with IV therapy and stem cell therapy. We provide high-quality care in a comfortable, calm, and clean environment. Our focus is on providing holistic, cutting edge IV therapy, including IV hydration, IV vitamin therapy, IV infusion therapy, and more! Get a free consultation today.