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When it comes to the field of clinical radiology, finding a qualified and reliable provider is crucial. These medical professionals play a vital role in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions through the use of imaging techniques like X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds. In this blog from Vitalis-Health, we will explore the four key qualities to look for in a good radiologist.

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Have you ever been surprised by a large health care bill? Had to wait over an hour for a doctor, only to spend fifteen minutes with them? Tried to schedule an appointment and been told you need to wait weeks for your doctor to be available? If you’re frustrated with the care you’re receiving from your primary care doctor, it might be time for you to switch to direct primary care.

Direct primary care (DPC) is an innovative alternative to traditional high-cost, insurance-based health care. Instead of fee-for-service payments or third party billing, those who take part in direct primary care have access to a doctor of their choice and physicians are held accountable by their patients, not insurance companies.

Learn more about direct primary care, and if you’re interested in direct primary care in Holland or Grand Rapids, contact Vitalis-Health today. Along with direct primary care services, we also offer...

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IV therapy can be used to treat a variety of ailments, from migraines and dehydration to chronic illness. It is a popular type of therapy and many people come to our Holland medspa looking to gain the health benefits from IV therapy.

If you’re new to IV therapy or simply would like to learn more about the benefits of this innovative therapy, continue reading. And if you’d like to schedule an appointment for IV infusion therapy at Vitalis Health, contact us today.

1. Boost Energy

When nutrients and vitamins are injected directly into your bloodstream via IV therapy, you can experience an immediate boost in energy. If you were to ingest the same nutrients through food, drink, or supplements, your body would have to digest the nutrients and it would take longer to feel the effects.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

With the right blend of nutrients, you can receive age-management benefits from IV therapy. Many patients claim to have clearer skin and stronger hair and nails as a result of regular IV infusion therapy.

3. Reduce...


Here at Vitalis Health in Holland, we provide IV therapy to a wide variety of clients with different needs. In fact, we have five different packages, including a personalized custom IV therapy program.


IV treatments are used to do everything from boost energy to relieve headaches and boost energy. You may have heard of IV clinics from celebrities, but they’re not just a luxury for the rich — they’re a type of wellness therapy that anyone can take advantage of! Here at Vitalis Health, we’re proud to offer IV therapy services to everyone in our Holland community and the greater Midwest.


Are you suffering from arthritis in your knees or hips? Do you want to avoid open shoulder surgery? Then stem cell therapy might be for you!

Stem cell therapy is still a relatively new field. Studies are being performed across the country to see how stem cell therapy can benefit people suffering from joint pain, and right now therapy for osteoarthritis in the knee has had the most research and is showing great success. Many find that they have a significant reduction in pain and are able to return to active sports like skiing and cycling.


If you suffer from migraines, you know how debilitating they can be. The throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head. You don’t know when they’ll strike and leave you feeling like your only option is to lay in a dark, quiet room with a cold towel on your head.

Luckily, you have other options. West Coast RegenMed has had success with treating migraines with IV therapy. Our IV therapy services take an innovative approach towards helping you live a more pain-free life.


Stem cells are human cells that have the ability to grow into almost any type of cell in the human body. They represent a new frontier in scientific research and regenerative medicine. Here at West Coast RegenMed in Grand Rapids, we specialize in treating chronic pain and chronic lifestyle related diseases with stem cells. We use stem cells to restore and regenerate damaged cells, tissues, or organs to help you get back to living a healthy and pain-free life.


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